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Here at Missouri Star Quilt Co., we’ve got high quality thread that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Choose from 70 vibrant colors in both cotton and polyester to match with any project you can dream up! Your memories are precious, trust them to high quality thread.

Check Out What Jenny Said when We Introduced Our Thread:

“I am so excited about our line of Missouri Star Quilt Co. thread! I love the quality and it comes in a rainbow of vibrant colors at a great price.


Sewing handmade gifts for family and friends can get pretty pricey, but with our thread you can keep on stitching, knowing your quilts will last a lifetime!”

Let's get technical. Why is this thread so special?

Missouri Star thread will run smoothly through your machine with a minimal amount of lint.

It will withstand the rigors of washing, high heat ironing, detergents, and even mild abrasives. It’s also fade resistant!


  • Missouri Star 50wt Double Mercerized Egyptian Cotton Thread is versatile: strong enough for hand quilting, but pliable and smooth for machine quilting.

  • Double Mercerized means that it has been specially processed to increase its strength and luster, which also allows the thread to absorb more color, infusing it with bright, colorfast dye that will last.

Cotton King Spools

If you’re an avid quilter, King Spools will keep you stitching without stopping for yards of fun and it comes in 15 of our best-selling colors!


Each includes six times the amount of thread as a typical spool, that’s 3,000 yards! So, what are you waiting for? Go big and get quilting today!



  • Trilobal Polyester Thread has a unique structure: three filaments are plied together in multiple continuous strands, giving it greater strength and shine—and it won’t form lint like other threads.
  • This versatile thread also allows you to create more uniform stitches due to its tenacity and low stretching quality, practically eliminating thread breakage, making it perfect for machine embroidery.

Handy Thread Packs

Missouri Star Cotton Thread Stash Builder

Start your stash right! Get 36 spools of our hottest thread colors at a great price, in a handy storage box.


With the Missouri Star Thread Storage Box, you can stop fussing with loose spools. These thread trays are designed to securely hold your thread in place.


The box includes two trays that hold 18 spools each—that’s 36 spools in one compact unit! It even comes with a convenient hinged snap lid and handy carrying handle.

Break out the red, white, and blue! These tried-and-true colors are a wonderful accompaniment to your 4th of July projects in handy 50wt Cotton Spools.

Missouri Star Patriot Trio

Missouri Star Trusty Trio

Get back to the basics with a trio of thread that will never let you down! These 50wt Cotton Spools are perfect for any project in black, white, and ivory.

All Missouri Star Thread

Check out our inspiring assortment of colorful thread, in long-lasting 3000 yard King Spools and perfectly-sized cotton and polyester spools.



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