Measure Up Ironing Board Cover

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Measure Up Ironing Board Cover for Moda Fabrics

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Did you have one of those spots in your house where you marked the kids’ heights? When I was little, ours was on the wall in the storage room. There were lines and dates written all along up the wall showing how we’d grown. When we moved after living there for twenty years, we had to leave it behind, and that messy, written-on wall was tough to part with. Later, when The Hubs and I started having kids of our own, we hung a plank of wood on the wall to measure the kids against, and we’ve moved it with us from house to house over the years.

Freshen up your ironing board with today’s immeasurably useful Measure Up Ironing Board Cover!

Measure Up Ironing Board Cover fits standard size ironing boards. 100% Cotton canvas standard size ironing board cover. Features a tape measure theme. Comes with a matching bag. From Moda. Size 20" x 54" Fits standard ironing boards.

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